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Posted in /orbJun 16, 2024

A few weeks ago, we unveiled the new Orb new logo in time for the sweet swag at /afk Berlin.
But why did we change this logo, and what does it mean?
We’re breaking down the pieces that make this logo, and the meaning behind each piece:
The Badge
Communities run on social currency, and as a social app we understand how important status can be.
This badge shape represents and recognizes a user's contribution to the orb ecosystem and community.
Profile badges are something we’ll be unveiling soon. Watch for more announcements on this 👀
The Circle
Orb is known to build with its creators and users at the center of the experience.
The Circle represents the user at the center for Orb, because that’s where our focus is for the app.
The Rounded Square
Like the town square or the college quad, the rounded Square represents Orb Clubs, a meeting place for all.
Building a consumer app, we acknowledge the diverse values users are bringing with them. This is why it’s important for us to offer our users their own space for their interests & connections.
The Gear
This one is for the builders and the users working together to make the slickest user experience in crypto.
The final shape of the logo is the open gear, representing the features not yet built. Early adopters still have the opportunity to shape what the app will look & feel like in the future.
We hope this thread sheds some light on the new logo, and that you’ll give Orb a try if you haven’t already.
We think it’s one of the easiest ways to tap into the @lensprotocol ecosystem and tap into the new creator economy.
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