Aug 03 2023

Tove Lo - I like u (Official Music Video)

Stream ā€˜I like uā€™ Out Now:

Music: Tove Lo

Special Thanks: Galverse Community ...

Oct 04 2023

beat of the week 2023, week 40 of 52


all cover art by @stellarhobbes

#BOTW #impressyourself

Audio Cover

#BOTW 40 - metamorphosis


M1 friend minted
T3 days
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Oct 21 2023

šŸ“ Alger, Algeria šŸ‡©šŸ‡æ

The more I travel, the more I long to travel šŸŒ

What's the name of that syndrome, and does anyone else suffer from it? šŸ˜

Whenever I visit a destination I didn't know much about before, I always think anew, "God, our world is so vast, and time is so limited."...

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Jan 18 2024

The Dream. 1 of 1 on here. What do you think?
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~1h ago

my new NFT drop is here! šŸŽŸļø
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